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We’re a Philippines-based Venture Capital Firm that invests and supports companies to become leaders in their own categories.

Our Portfolio

Acudeen - Receivables to Cash


Receivables to Cash

ServeHappy - Job board for Hospitality


Online Job board for the Hospitality Industry

Social Light Inc - Detivo - POS as a Platform


POS as a Platform (by Social Light Inc)

Still Fresh - Spoilage Detecting Strip


Food Spoilage Detecting Strip

Stoked - Fashion & Sports Wear Brand


Fashion & Sports Wear Brand

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We’re always in the lookout for Companies to invest in. If you’re looking to raise money, please submit your Company details to us thru Gust.



About Original Pitch Venture Capital


“If you have one great idea that’s going to help a lot of people, then by all means pursue it to the very end.”

At Original Pitch, we’ll pursue it together.

It’s not just direct equity funding for tech startups, it’s also a fund for on- going enterprises that need capital for growth and expansion.

It’s about an apparel store transforming itself into a millennial lifestyle company. It’s about dormitories made out of container vans, or a level up of a basketball uniform tailor to branded sportswear. It’s about funding tech startups for on-line receivables factoring or business analytics software development. It’s about common work areas, art galleries, motorbike retooling shops.

What is crucial for your success in Original Pitch is the uniqueness of the concept, an innovative product or an industry-changing process. It’s also about your commitment and tenacity, your expertise and ability, as well as the scalability and profitability of your enterprise.

If you have it all, except the funds, to make a dream into reality, it maybe time for an original pitch.


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What industries are you open to?

We’re open to any industry from online to offline to traditional businesses.

Which stage of business are you open to?

We’re open to Early Stage startups to SMEs to Large Enterprises, from Seed stage to Later Stage companies.

Are you open to investing in other countries?

Yes, we are open to investing in other countries. Please send us your pitch deck for consideration.

Registered Address

Registered Address: Unit 5404, BSA Tower, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.

Get in touch with us

We’re always in the lookout for startups to invest in. Should you be interested, please send us an email via the Contact Us Page or thru our email address listed below. Please make sure to add your pitch deck in the email.

Registered Address: Unit 5404, BSA Tower, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.

Email: Hello@OriginalPitch.vc